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The Firebird is an improvised building based on ideas imagined during the Skyline build.   The design of the Firebird was built around the 1 1/2" tube steel framing fabricated by an unknown builder who constructed the steel framed concession trailer that burned.  We cut and lifted the roof and added six large windows upstairs and four downstairs.  We  cantilevered a 4' room off the front,  and a small kitchen counter area was extended beyond the rear.    We reconceived the loft and added a mid-story cat walk for a entirely new use and feel, and added lot's of clever features that we'll expand upon in our next build.  Rocky, Kasper, Audrey, and Bella all contributed ideas and labor along this journey and Bunny created the quilts and altered the curtains.  Jack and Chris built in the utilities.  Together we we achieved our design and construction goals.

The Build:  By Eric Bohne, Alter Areas LLC