Eric Bohne built his first Tiny House in 2013 for Caravan...Portland's (and the world's) first Tiny House Hotel.    He named it Skyline and it was a huge success both for the uniqueness of the design and the quality of craftsmanship using mostly recycled materials. 

Afterwards, while driving near his home in NE Portland, Eric spotted a steel framed structure on a 17' trailer bed.  He passed it repeatedly for a few weeks, labeling it "the cage" because it looked like a large steel cage.   Eventually he knocked on some doors to inquire.  He was told by the owner that it had been built as a concession trailer and that it had caught fire, burned, then been stripped down to the steel frame.   Eric bought the trailer from the man for $1000 which included delivery.

From the end of the Summer of 2014 till the Summer of 2015 Eric, with the help of his family (Roxanne, Audrey, Bella, Bunny, Kasper) worked on the new tiny house which he named Firebird.  Like Skyline the Firebird features a very unique design and quality craftsmanship using mostly recycled materials.  While Skyline was built specifically for a hotel, the Firebird is a model of livabilility. 

The story of the Firebird Tiny House